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Daphne is efficient and thorough and handles even the trickiest of bookkeeping problems with aplomb. We couldn't get by without her.
Mandy Brown, Editor
Daphne is wonderful to work with and can handle everything from A/R and A/P to emailing with customers and vendors and also works well internally with everyone whom she interacts with. I'm grateful for the work she has taken off my hands, and how easy going and lovely she is to work with.
Dina Kaplan, Co-Founder/COO
I’ve been working with Daphne for the past few years on mutual clients. Daphne is a 24-7 professional with outstanding bookkeeping, communications and people skills. I recommend her highly.
Margery M. Gladston, CPA
Daphne Rose was an excellent financial controller who did a terrific job for our company. She managed a department that took care of a company with $10 million in revenue and three offices in different states. She had direct operational responsibility for financial operations, medical plans, and 401-k plans. Plus, she's a great person.
Samuel O.J. (Jock) Spivy, VP
Daphne Rose-Jevremov is the consummate financial professional: knowledgeable, thorough, and effective. Daphne was the Finance Director at Nomad Editions when I arrived as General Manager in March 2011. Thanks to her stellar performance at keeping the finances of our startup media company in working order, she was recently promoted to Controller … I would wholeheartedly recommend Daphne to any company that needs someone to keep their financial matters running smoothly, knowing that at least this requirement is being well-handled.
Victor Lee, General Manager
Daphne Rose-Jevremov has worked with my firm — and its predecessor companies — as financial director from the beginning. She is a great bookkeeper, financial staff manager, HR director, M&A coordinator, and business strategist. Most people in similar positions have specific skill sets, but Daphne has very broad capabilities in the small company arena.
Roger Black, Designer

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